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Delivery of unique products. Production of exclusive foods.

The most luxurious and expensive food in the world. Only the most rare and delicious delicacies. Only fresh and unique products and beverages. Black, white and red caviar, Japanese marbled beef, oysters, crabs, lobsters, crayfish, scallops, snails, sturgeon, turbot, bluefish, hausen, black and white truffle, exotic meat - crocodile, ostrich, python, stingray, eels, turtles, sharks, Portuguese jamon, natural coconut milk, moose and a camel milk, royal pineapple, the most expensive in the world of fruit durian, exclusive beers. homemade jams of exotic fruits, vintage wine, absinthe, whiskey, vodka and other alcoholic beverages luxury, golden icecream, shark fin soup, bird's nest soup, Italian, French and Swiss cheeses, cakes copyrights, vip sushi, Spanish olive oil, chocolate Connecticut, designer candy, the most expensive coffees and tea, and many other unique products and meals for individual orders from MJ.

Red and black caviar, the most elite varieties.

King scallops with caviar - one of the most expensive seafood.

The most luxurious coffees from around the world - Jamaica, Kenya, Sumatra, Yemen, and other
Jamaica Blue Mountain, Kopi Luwak, Kenya AA Ruiruiru, Yemen Mokha, Specialty coffees, Aged coffee ...

The most expensive mushroom in the world - the white truffle

Live and boiled crawfish, lobsters, lobsters, rock lobsters, prawns ...

Exclusive beers from the best breweries in the world.


The most expensive and exclusive cheese and dairy products from France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, England ... Cheese and other dairy products are luxury class of cow's milk, goat, buffalo, sheep, donkeys, camels, elk ... Pule, moose house, clawson stilton gold, montonola, rakfor lying fullerenes, gorgonzola, kambotsola, Abbe du Mont de ka, truffle brie, muenster, parmesan, cheddar somerset kamomber, mascarpone, mozzarella baja domica ...

Collectible and auction of wine and other alcoholic drinks premium.
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Royal beers living and aged beers from Germany, Belgium, Holland ...

Luxury fresh fish - sturgeon, white sturgeon, flounder, bluefin tuna,
The most delicious dried fish - smelt, Astrakhan roach, eel ...

Japanese marbled meat - meat is the most expensive in the world.

Meat bluefin tuna - the most expensive fish meat.

The most expensive and exclusive varieties of vodka and caviar

The most expensive caviar in the world. Golden caviar / White Caviar - Beluga caviar albino. Production of Iran.


Homemade preserves, jams, canned ... Only the best quality.
Jam from strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, melons, apples, grapes, cherries, bananas, pineapples, pears, tavern, watermelon, pitohai, rambutan, lychee, blueberry, blackberry, cranberry, orange, pomegranate, gooseberries, mushluma, dragon fruit, tamarind, longkonga, jack Fruita , feijoa, Physalis, nuts, grapefruit, mango, papaya, passion fruit, persimmon, Sharon, wren, cucumber, tomato, kumquat, lemon, durian, carom, sweetie, pomelo, kiwi, quince, plum, tangerine, guava, mangosteen .. .

Exclusive Czech, and utensils of gold, silver, amber, diamonds, wood ...
Any exclusive products for individual orders from the Art Studio MJ
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Unique oils category ultra virgin oil first cold pressed. Olive oil, avocado oil, peanut oil, grape seed oil, maslok of apricot seeds, almond oil, nuts makademii, oil hazelnut hazelnut, cashew oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, sea buckthorn oil, sesame oil, oil kanaplyannoe Oil on walnut ...

Luxurious delicacy oysters - Fin de Claire, Belle de Quiberon Pussan Claire, Croesus...

Unique tableware made of amber, wood, stone, precious metals.
Production of exclusive cutlery and crockery for individual orders from MJ.
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Royal Fruit Durian Most Expensive Fruit In The World

Exclusive land of the most expensive and rare ingredients.
Only natural fresh foods. Only for individual orders.

Unique varieties of the most expensive and luxurious kinds of milk and dark chocolate.
Gourmet chocolate from Ceylon, Côte d'Ivoire, Ecuador, Madagascar, Trinidad, Venezuela etc.

Exclusive drinks and glasses with a nominal inlay to any significant event.
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Black truffle - one of the world's most expensive delicacies.

Sushi with black caviar, salmon roe, flying fish roe, eel, sturgeon, crab, foie gras etc.

Fine Spirits of the brands in the author's edition of MJ
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Cups, glasses, wine glasses, mugs and other items with gold emblems.
Custom-inlaid any possible symbolism. Elite customization & personalization by MJ.
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Pineapple white strawberries - pineberry


Kebabs most exquisite and exotic meats - New Zealand beef, ostrich, japan pork, kangaroo, Cuban caiman, Indonesian lizard, moray eels, sturgeon, trout, salmon, capybaras, bison, aurochs, mink, cheetah, bear, panthers , coyote, sea lion...

Only fresh and most exotic meats - alligator, caiman, lizard, bison, ostrich, wild animals ...

Natural meat cobra, python, anaconda, karung, sea snakes ...

Shark fin soup - luxury soup

The most luxurious seafood - lobsters, crabs, lobsters, scallops ...

White snail caviar. It should be even more expensive sturgeon caviar.

A series of elite French delicacies - foie gras elite.

Homemade organic meat. Only on their own meadows. Absolutely natural.
Pork, veal, lamb, turkey ... chicken, duck, quail ...

Natural meat crocodile. Direct shipments from Asia and South America.

Frog legs in France. Only premium quality.

A series of elite French delicacies - snails le maledenes


Far Eastern Kamchatka's crab - Red King Crab.

Unique varieties of absinthe on individual orders.
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Golden Cream. The most expensive ice cream in the world.


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For cooperation and opening of representative offices, please - vip-clients@mail.ru

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